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Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Industri og Business | 0 comments

Worldwide standards

Some importances about making fibre analysis, as well as testing all other kinds of food in the food industry, is that is has to very precise and very reliable. Of course it takes time to develop systems and methods to accomplish this, but for some companies, they succeed quite well. A very big company developing this kind of systems is FOSS and they have been a very fast forerunner in this industry of chemical analysis and food testing in general, I have heard. I once read an article about them, and most of their work is concerning fibre analysis, distillation, milk testing and milk analyzing. Living in a country producing a great deal of milk, corn and other things from the agriculture, it is very important to have analysis systems like this, so we all can be sure, that the food is as it is suppose to be. Actually, their newest systems is better than the once they had before, and it is also used worldwide – that really...

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Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Industri og Business | 0 comments

Profitable dairy production

Thanks to the new technology things like dairy production gets faster, more reliable and cheaper – which is good news for both the manufacturers and me as a consumer. Generally there has been a lot of pressure on the prices concerning dairy products and especially milk. Milk is now so cheap, I don’t ever think that is has been like this before. You can easily buy one liter of milk for 4 to 5 kroners! As a person drinking a lot of milk, I am very happy about that. But I cannot stop thinking: is it really a good business for the farmers? I think not. Now that I am studying I almost never can afford other groceries than the cheapest. If I could I would definitely buy organic milk or milk produces at the smaller farms. The reason why I would do that, is that I think that the smaller farms has a greater trouble making the business go around. At least that is what I have been...

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